Ways To Improve Safety On Factory Floor

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Ways To Improve Safety On Factory Floor

January 16, 2018Comments Off on Ways To Improve Safety On Factory Floor

The factory floor or work site consists of complex machinery, toxic raw materials and many more hazardous materials. With hundreds of people working on site, their health and lives maybe at risk. Hence, you need to take safety measure to protect your employees from such hazards. We often hear of such accidents due to minor mistakes done by the workers, or lack of precautionary measures. If some hazard takes place, you will have to face serious legal consequences along with insurance charges. So here are some of the simple safety measures you could take.

Continuous training

Most companies provide training only at the beginning of employment of a worker and then forget about it. If not, they might simply give a demonstration and let the workers get straight to work. Most number of hazards take place due to the carelessness or lack of knowledge about the machinery they are using. Your machines could have special features such as custom coils that need to be taught about to the workers. It is the company’s responsibility to engage the workers in a particular number of training hours every year. This will help new employees learn better while the old employees could refresh their knowledge.

Establish a culture of safety

Safety should be inculcated in the culture of the organization. You need to include it in your company goals, so that your workers will feel important. It will then motivate them to work better and safer. Your managers and supervisors should always put the workers’ safety first. For example, if there is a sudden project to be completed before deadline, you cannot push your workers to work longer hours, in dangerous environments. In a rush, there could be many accidents. Use visual aids to project your message. Posters with safety practices all around the floor will help them stay safe.

Use proper equipment

Out of date, low-tech machines that haven’t been serviced for ages can be a major reason for hazards. You need to upgrade you machines, so that they consist of new features such as sensors, safety buttons etc. For example, include sensors in your carrier coils so that whenever a jam or blockage happens, the machine will automatically shut down. Additional safety features are required for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Create a work safety team

A special team needs to be put in place to investigate and identify any hazardous activity or machinery. These checks should be done weekly or monthly, and any identified problems should be amended immediately. The team should also responsible for conducting training sessions. Also, they should be on guard, so that they could act fast at any emergency.

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