How To Add An Extra Layer Of Protection For You Home

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How To Add An Extra Layer Of Protection For You Home

January 5, 2017Comments Off on How To Add An Extra Layer Of Protection For You Home

The world is fast turning into a dangerous place to live in. Hate crimes and violent acts are a daily occurrence in most parts of the world. And scarily enough, the crime rates are not only increasing, the criminals who commit these crimes are getting increasingly bold; doing so in broad light. Where once we could leave our homes open to visitors, now, we have to be extra vigilant. 

Here are our tips on layering an extra bit of security for your home. Trust us, with these measures, you are sure to sleep better. 

Have bright lights for the exterior of your home

Research has shown that the houses with brighter lights tend to get broken into less than other houses. The reason for this is obvious; for when everything is out and bright, there’s no sneaking in. Motion detecting porch lights are brilliant, but we understand that it’s not possible for every house. Make sure to install bright lights in front of your door or contact trusted professional that can provide high quality repair service in Sunshine Coast. and urge your loved ones to use a security peep hole with the lights on before opening up to strangers . 

The sturdier the better 

When it comes to locks, doors and windows, the sturdier it is the better. Don’t skimp on quality for these things, as it may cost your dearly. Don’t forget that your garage too needs proper protection. And if any of these things need to be repaired or replaced, our experts stress on not putting it off. The most commonly overlooked repair is the garage door spring repair.

Make use of the new technology

We hope that you already have burglar alarms and security systems. Apart from these, using CCTV cameras are also a great way to add an additional layer of protection. If you use automated doors or garage door motors, then this is ideal for you. If your entrance gate is at a distance from the front door, then fixing camera and/or an intercom at the gate can both reduce the work as well as increase your security.

Keep away the prying eyes 

When it comes to small homes, glass walls and large light gaining windows are recommended. But these can be a little dangerous as they tend to show what’s inside to the strangers outside at times. To Avoid “temptation” our experts suggest using thick drapes that can be drawn to a side when not bringing in the natural light. If sunlight is not an issue, then even blinds work fine here. Anything that will stop prying eyes from looking in and getting tempted can be used as a nearly inexpensive layer of security for your home.

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