Different Methods Of Cleaning Carpets

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Different Methods Of Cleaning Carpets

October 28, 2016Comments Off on Different Methods Of Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning carpet is basically done for removal of dirt, stains, sand, grit and allergens. There are several modern and traditional methods of cleaning carpet. Clean carpets are visually pleasing to everyone. Clean carpets are more long-lasting and healthier than dirty carpets.

The variety of methods used to clean carpets

Among various methods of carpet cleaning, green technologies and encapsulation methods work better than prior methods, save time and money they are and easy to use. Reputed and experienced professionals use the best methods to clean carpets.

Steam cleaning

A very famous industrial cleaning process is steam cleaning. The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning Adelaide utilizes equipment to spray heated water and simultaneously vacuuming the water with dissolved dirt. Less expensive hot water extraction equipment is used by homeowners and more use expensive equipment is used by professional cleaners for professional carpet cleaning. The steam cleaning method uses detergent based solutions.

While hot water method uses more water, other methods use bonnet or shampoo. Air conditioning, extra fans and outdoor ventilation are used to reduce the drying time in this method. Several carpet manufacturers recommend hot water cleaning method as the most effective.

Nowadays, most of the cleaning systems of carpet depend on specialized machines, i.e. very-low-moisture (VLM) systems. This method relies on dry compounds as cleaning solutions. This method is less labor-intensive and faster than other methods. Professional cleaners generally use petroleum byproducts, butyl agents, glycol ethers and d-limonene might be added with the solution.

Dry cleaning is also used by many

Dry cleaning is more time consuming and more expensive due to its dry compounds.  Dry foam cleaning method includes the uses of foam and then immediately vacuuming the same. This is not a complete dry method because the foam is filled with 10% liquid and 90% air. The pressure tank which is used on dry foam cleaning is filled with shampoo and water solution. This method is appropriate for water sensitive carpets and other carpets which inhibit sufficient extraction of water. Professional cleaners use detergent and water in vacuum cleaning and remove the same immediately. Vacuum cleaning is used in most of the schools, train and bus companies and historic preservations of Europe. The main advantage of tile and grout cleaning is that this system can work without pads or brushes to avoid any abrasion on pile.

In Rotary wash method, a smooth roller or belt is used between two roller brushes. A solution is sprayed into the carpet by using a nozzle and then works into the carpet with roller brushes. Cry-ice-blasting method is used for interior cleaning of different vehicles but this method is very much expensive.

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