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Coloured Stones

November 10, 2016Comments Off on Coloured Stones

The concreting company Perth driveways and paths look like they have been constructed out of pebbles or coloured stones and that is essentially true, the composition of the mix is quartz, basalt and gravel with a finer sand mix and the cement matrix or mortar. The colour of the quartz can be white, black and green, the basalt a dark grey and the gravel brown or red, you might be thinking you have seen other colours than that and you would be right but in those cases glass aggregate has been added and that is a different mix altogether.

There are different sizes you can have in your cement mix but it is recommended that for high foot traffic areas you use the smaller smoother stones and for areas such as driveways and where the stone is always going to be exposed to the elements you choose washed aggregate Perth that is coarser and of a larger size, allowing for the free flowing of water and better drainage, this prevents moisture from making its way under the stones and into your concrete creating loose patches and from stones coming out. This is one of the problems you may encounter when having glass in your pathway, if the surface is not properly treated and sufficiently sealed then the moisture is going to make its way around the glass pieces either causing them to come loose or to crack and fracture ruining the look of your pathway.

You can also have larger rocks placed in the concrete after it has been laid, these are called plumbs and they can define one area from another, some councils have installed the plumbs as a traffic control device around playgrounds and water features, it is supposed to discourage children from running around and I can tell you they are nasty on the toes when you accidently stub one. I haven’t actually seen them, stopping children from running around, if anything they are used as stepping stones and seeing how fast you can jump from one to the other without falling over. They are also used as borders along pathways and driveways, for no other purpose other than to be decorative and high-quality concreting. Another decorative function youmay like to apply is that of pigmenting your concrete matrix, this enables you to match or blend the concrete to the aggregates you have chosen. 

Having concrete that is pink against a mainly green aggregate might be slightly over the top but it is your driveway and you can do as you please with it, the main idea is however to match the colours, brown concrete to dark stones and so forth, this gives an overall uniform look to the surface. The coloured added to cement come from mineral oxide pigments, chemical stains, dyes tints or coloured sealers, not all at the same time of course but it will depend on the colour you want, as to which dye method is used.

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