Best Unique Valentines Gifts For Her

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Best Unique Valentines Gifts For Her

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Well, valentine’s is around the corner so you must be thinking what gift you’ll get her this year. It should be something special and not the usual bunch of roses, box of chocolates and a teddy bear. Get her something unique and make her feel that you actually put special thought into buying the gift. So here are some of the best choices that she could make some use of.

  • 12-month planner
    If your better half is a neat-freak and likes to keep everything organized, then this would be perfect for her. The planner will be divided into months, with hourly layouts so that she could organize her day effectively. The interior can be of many pastel colours ranging from pink to blue to yellow. You can also select the planner according to its cover. If she likes flowers, go for one which is flower themed.
    • Beauty kit
      Products such as “Birchbox” will put together all sorts of beauty products and deliver each box every month for a certain time, such as 3, 6 or 12 months. You simply have to order a package according to your preference and they will deliver right to her doorstep. Every time she receives the package and uses its products, she’ll remember you. You can choose from a range of items such as lotions, make-up items, fragrant soaps etc.
      • A tracker
        In this busy lifestyle, it is so common for her to lose her stuff. Tracking devices are of great help to locate her stuff. These come in very handy sizes so she can attach them to her car keys, wallet, purse or even mini picture frames from South Side that she always carries with her. The tracking app could be easily downloaded to her mobile phone so she can know exactly where she left her stuff.
        • A portrait
          If you are an artist, there could be nothing better than a portrait done by you. It could either be a solo painting or one with both of you. No matter what, she’d love the effort you put in. To make it even more special, use custom framing.
          • Fitbit wrist band
            You might think this is appropriate for health-conscious women, but well it’s not. Yes of course it helps keep track of her fitness routine and workouts, but it also pays attention to the amount of sleep she gets, her diet, her heartrate, blood pressure etc. It will make her happy to know that you actually care for her health and well-being, not just her beauty and appearance.

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